Learn To Speak Any Language in 10 Days (10DAY POLYGLOT PLAN)

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FolderLearn To Speak Any Language in 10 Days (10DAY POLYGLOT PLAN)
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Folder6. Characteristics
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Folder4. Conclusion
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Folder2. Theoretical Introduction
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Folder1. Results sample - not obligatory
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Folder3. Practice
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Folder5. Road to C1 (Quick Tips)
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Folder7. Detailed Bibliography
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Learn To Speak Any Language in 10 Days (10DAY POLYGLOT PLAN)

Source: 1337x

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Language Alchemy

Have you been learning a language and want to get better, faster, and more efficient, but you don’t know where to start? I offer a complex step by step course on how to learn foreign languages in 10 days, but before we continue, I need you to understand that:

You will need to study at least 6 hours a day for 10 days to achieve results similar to those presented in the sample video “Learning a language in 10 days challenge part 2”. If you can only afford to study, for example, two hours a day, then you will have to adjust your schedule and expand the day limit accordingly, 2h/day≈30days e.t.c (more on that topic in the Lecture 21: Schedule).
You will not be advanced after 10 days. You will stutter, you will do mistakes, you will speak slowly, but you will be able to communicate and talk about many different topics.
The results may vary slightly depending on your experience, discipline, and the language that you choose. You might do more mistakes or remember a little less vocabulary at the end, but this will not be significant – you will still be able to communicate.
I use the word “challenge” for a good reason. This course gives you great results, but in order for it to work, you have to study actively, and you must be self-disciplined.
First, you must watch the entire course, and then you can start the challenge.

Course Description:

There are numerous online courses that are devoted to learning foreign languages, however, I have noticed a recurring problem with many of them. There is not enough justice done to the “technical side” of this process. Pieces of advice such as “don’t be afraid to speak” or “watch a lot of movies” are of little utility and they usually leave students doing all the hard work on their own. There are several courses regarding this topic, but they usually concern a much more narrow spectrum and mostly a single specific language.

Hence, the aim of this work is to:

Help you develop universal linguistic knowledge, owing to which you will be able to learn any language in less time
Present you with a method to learn and remember vocabulary and grammar actively
Teach you how to learn languages in 10 days so you can achieve similar results to those presented in the video “German in 10 days challenge”
Give you a variety of techniques to implement on your way to the C1 level


Understanding how languages work and having a basic academic knowledge of linguistics is the most fundamental thing. It is actually what makes polyglots learn languages so quickly. In this course, I will do my best to pass that knowledge to you in a simple way and practical form.


Keep in mind that even though this program is very practical as it explains a lot of details as well as talks about different language families, it will not cover thoroughly every single language in the world. It is supposed to build a base that is sufficient to learn languages in 10 days.
Who this course is for:

Intermediate language students
Beginner language students
Advanced language students


Motivation and willingness to learn
Understanding that the real results require real work
A simple grammatical textbook
No academic or linguistic background is required

Last Updated 1/2021

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