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WinZip v6.5.4149 Mac OS X {B4tman}

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Uploaded Feb 23, 2019
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FolderWinZip v6.5.4149 Mac OS X {B4tman}
FileMy Accounts!.txt - 635 B
FileWinZip 6.5.4149 – Mac edition of established compression utility..dmg - 25.2 MB
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WinZip Mac v6.5.4149 Mac OS X {B4tman}

Source: 1337x

Uploaded By: AliPak

WinZip 6.5.4149 – Mac edition of established compression utility.


WinZip now lets you access key features more easily, share links to files in the cloud, and zip and protect with confidence:

- Zip and unzip files instantly with WinZip’s trusted compression
- Protect files with strong AES encryption
- Share directly to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and ZipShare, from within WinZip
- Successfully email large files


• Easily share links to files in the cloud – WinZip Mac 5 automatically generates a link when you upload your zip file to a cloud service. The link is placed in your clipboard so you can easily paste it into other apps, such as Skype, for quick sharing.
• Apply to all files in your Zip – Resize images in a Zip file without having to manually unzip and then zip them back up.
Resize images – Resize images any time you create a Zip file, not just when emailing.
• More resize options – Choose from two additional options for resizing images: X-Large (1920 x 1536) and XX-Large (2880 x 2304).
• Actions pane – Easily access frequently used features, including encryption, image resizing, link sharing and zip actions, on this new context-sensitive pane. Show or hide the Actions pane as needed with the new toolbar button.
• Quick Action button – Use this menu on the Zip pane selection bar for fast access to many actions, including Unzip, Rename, Delete, Get Info and Quick Look.
• Preserve the View type – During the Save process, WinZip Mac now saves the currently selected view type before saving the Zip file and then restores the view type when it re-opens the Zip file. This prevents the view type from changing during a Save if the current type does not match the default type.
• app file display – To simplify unzipping .app files in a Zip, they are now displayed as a file in the view instead of as a folder.
• Default SaveLast Access Locations – A “New file location” default is used when saving a new Zip file. There is also a last accessed location to use as the default when requesting a location that is “from this Mac” or “to this Mac”. And there is a last accessed location used as the default when requesting a location that is “from the iCloud Drive” or “to iCloud Drive”.


• OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor

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