Fighting with My Family
Former wrestler Ricky and his wife Julia make a living performing with their children Saraya and Zak. When brother and sister get the chance to audition for WWE, they learn that becoming a WWE Superstar demands more than they ever imagined possible.
Rating: Rating: 7.1/10 (86.3K)
time Duration: 108 Minutes
Calender Release Date: Mar 1, 2019
Country: UK,USA,Mexico
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    • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn
    • Director(s): Stephen Merchant
    • Writer(s): Stephen Merchant
    • Plot Keywords: jock strap on head, giving birth, young female lead, brother sister relationship, wrestling
    • Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM),Channel 4 Television Corporation,Film4

    A former wrestler and his family make a living performing at small venues around the country while his kids dream of joining World Wrestling Entertainment.

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