Rhythm of a Crime
Ritam zlocina
A single teacher allows a stranger to share his home with him before it is to be torn down by developers. The stranger has a fascination with statistics, and claims he can predict crimes based on statistical analyses. Intrigued by this talent, the teacher tells a married, female friend that the man seems to have done what he claims. Then the numbers show that there is a slip-up and a murder that was supposed to have occurred, did not. The stranger is adamant that a balance has to be achieved or the whole town will suffer - and he leaves.
Rating: Rating: 7.8/10 (599)
time Duration: 89 Minutes
Calender Release Date: Jun 15, 1981
Country: Yugoslavia
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  • Stars: Ivica Vidovic, Fabijan Sovagovic, Bozidarka Frajt
  • Director(s): Zoran Tadic
  • Writer(s): Pavao Pavlicic
  • Plot Keywords: woman from the past, friendship, peculiar character, voiceover, corruption
  • Production Company: Centar Film,RTV Zagreb

After moving to a new neighborhood, a mysterious man starts introducing his landlord to the hobby of collecting crime statistics.

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