iCare Data Recovery Software 4.5.2 (32+64 bit) + REG. KEY (FULL).rar

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FileiCare Data Recovery Software 4.5.2 (32+64 bit) + REG. KEY (FULL).rar - 3.41 MB
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iCare Data Recovery Software 4.5.2 (32+64 bit) + REG. KEY (FULL)

Source: 1337x

Uploaded By: WinMax



iCare Data Recovery Software 4.5.2


iCare Data Recovery - a program to recover deleted and formatted files from hard
drives, sd cards, memory cards and USB Flash drives. It helps you to recover files
from unreadable disk partition, if damaged boot sector or a virus attack.

The program includes 4 Restore Wizard:

• "Partition Recovery" to recover deleted partition
• "Deleted File Recovery" to recover deleted files, files from damaged partitions
or corrupted boot sector, etc.
• "Deep Scan Recovery" for scanning and searching of both existing and deleted files
that can be restored
• "Format Recovery" to restore files from oftormtirovannyh hard drives, external drives,
sd cards, USB Flash Drives

Data loss won't be your headache! As a comprehensive data recovery solution, iCare Data
Recovery can easily recover files from wrong formatted drives, unexpectedly file deletion,
raw drive or raw filesystem, virus attack, partition deleted, software crash etc. It can
recover any deleted files like photos, documents, mp3, outlook file, presentations, and it
also works with any type of storage media like hard drive, removable hard drive, digital
cameral sd card, usb drives, ipod, memory card etc.

"iCare Data Recovery Software combines simplicity of use with the most powerful file recovery
software engine, which can search and find files&photos missed by other recovery software,
together with a unique capability of "on-the-fly" data preview while the search is being conducted."

iCare Data Recovery Software:

1. Reformatted partition, memory card, camera card by accident?

2. Corrupted MBR and cannot find your partition or USB not detected?

3. Accidentally deleted partition, partition lost?

4. Drive became RAW, chkdsk reports not available for raw drives?

5. SHIFT+DELETE, emptied Recycle Bin, need file recovery?

6. Recover files from dynamic disk, RAID?

7. Data loss without a reason, Need recovery software?

8. Partition software failure?

9. drive/card reports not formatted, do you want to format it now?

10. Windows 7 compatible data recovery

11. Preview lost photos, office files before purchase


Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 pro, Server 2008, 2003, 2000 compatible.


How to Install:

1. Disable internet connection

2. Extract from ".rar" file by using Winrar

3. Install from "icaredrs.exe"

4. Don't run program, if running, then exit

5. Copy content of "REG.KEY" and paste into the installed folder
"C;\Program Files\iCare Data Recovery"

6. Dubble click on "iCare-MESMERiZE"

7. Click on 'YES'

8. OK



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