Another 48 Hrs.
With a pending old debt from the past and the genuine threat of losing his badge for good, the tough and gruff San Francisco police officer, Inspector Jack Cates, pushes his luck and turns to his reluctant former partner, Reggie Hammond. Having spent seven long years in jail after the events of 48 Hrs. (1982), Reggie is about to taste the air of freedom, when an attempt on his life drags him into a new circle of violence, as Jack is almost obsessively trying to prove that the elusive criminal mastermind known as the "Iceman" exists. But, this time, the odds are against the mismatched duo. Will Cates clear his name?
Rating: Rating: 5.9/10 (43.9K)
time Duration: 93 Minutes
Calender Release Date: Jun 8, 1990
Country: USA
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  • 48 Hrs (1982) & Another 48 Hrs (1990)
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    Leecher 26
    DateNov 16, 2022
  • Another 48 Hrs. 1990
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    DateFeb 13, 2024
    • Stars: Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Brion James
    • Director(s): Walter Hill
    • Writer(s): Roger Spottiswoode (characters), Walter Hill (characters)
    • Plot Keywords: bloody violence, cold blooded killer, female nudity, buddy movie, buddy
    • Production Company: Paramount Pictures,Lawrence Gordon Productions,Eddie Murphy Productions

    Jack Cates once again enlists the aid of ex-con Reggie Hammond - this time to take down The Iceman, a ruthless drug lord operating in the San Francisco bay area.

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