The Art of Self-Defense
After he's attacked on the street at night by a roving motorcycle gang, timid bookkeeper Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) joins a neighborhood karate studio to learn how to protect himself. Under the watchful eye of a charismatic instructor, Sensei (Alessandro Nivola), and hardcore brown belt Anna (Imogen Poots), Casey gains a newfound sense of confidence for the first time in his life. But when he attends Sensei's mysterious night classes, he discovers a sinister world of fraternity, brutality and hyper-masculinity, presenting a journey that places him squarely in the sights of his enigmatic new mentor.
Rating: Rating: 6.6/10 (40.2K)
time Duration: 104 Minutes
Calender Release Date: Jul 19, 2019
Country: USA
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    • Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Alessandro Nivola, Imogen Poots
    • Director(s): Riley Stearns
    • Writer(s): Riley Stearns
    • Plot Keywords: dark comedy, sensei, dojo, self defense class, student kills teacher
    • Production Company: End Cue

    After being attacked on the street, a young man enlists at a local dojo, led by a charismatic and mysterious sensei, in an effort to learn how to defend himself from future threats.

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